Arranging an eye examination

Many people put vision care at the top of their list and say that sight is their most important sense yet many people have never had an eye exam. If that is the case not to worry, our professional highly trained staff will guide you through the whole process explaining every part of the examination in an easy to understand, informative way.

Our thorough and advanced eye examination takes around 30 minutes containing a complete visual assessment as well as a comprehensive ocular health examination and any other examination that our highly skilled Optometrists recommend.

Arrange an Exam

All examinations include:

  • Digital Retinal Imaging.
  • Contact lens pre-fitting assessment.
  • VDU usage assessment.
  • Anterior Segment Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy
  • Non-Contact Intra Ocular Pressure Assessment
  • Personalised ocular health plan and lifestyle advice.
  • Expert advice and recommendations for all patients